Optico Fiber Lifeline Program*

Fiber optic-based Internet service with discounts for elegible clients.

*Service not available in all areas

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• Medicaid Program
• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP/PAN)
• Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) / Section 8
• Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit Program
• Family income is or is below what is established by the federal poverty index guidelines
*(NOTE: Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not available for residents of Puerto Rico.) 


Las Caldas • Caimito
Milaville García • Caimito
Villa Nevarez • El Cinco
Summit Hills • Gobernador Piñero
Puerto Nuevo Este • Gobernador Piñero
Puerto Nuevo Oeste • Gobernador Piñero
Floral Park • Hato Rey Central
Hato Rey Central • Hato Rey Central
Urb Hector Piñero • Hato Rey Central
Baldrich • Hato Rey Norte
Huyke • Hato Rey Norte
Urb El Vedado • Hato Rey Norte
Urb La Merced • Hato Rey Norte
Urb La Merced Sur • Hato Rey Norte
Urb Roosevelt • Hato Rey Norte
Hyde Park • Hato Rey Sur
University Gardens • Hato Rey Sur
Alturas de Santa Maria • Monacillo Urbano
College Park • Monacillo Urbano
College Park IV • Monacillo Urbano
San Francisco • Monacillo Urbano
San Ignacio • Monacillo Urbano
Santa Maria • Monacillo Urbano
San Mateo • Santurce
Condadito • Santurce
Condadito Sur • Santurce
Condado • Santurce
Hipodromo • Santurce
Loiza Santurce • Santurce
Machuchal Santurce • Santurce
Minillas Santurce • Santurce
Miramar Sur • Santurce
Ocean Park • Santurce
Parque del Indio • Santurce
Punta Las Marias • Santurce
Santa Teresita • Santurce
SJModerno • Santurce
Urb Hipodromo • Santurce
Urb Punta las Marias Sur • Santurce

Parkville • Mirabales
Parkville North • Mirabales
Parkville South • Mirabales
Urb Altamira • Pueblo Viejo
Garden Hills Norte • Pueblo Viejo
Garden Hills Sur • Pueblo Viejo
GardenVille • Pueblo Viejo
Golden Gate • Pueblo Viejo
Suchville • Pueblo Viejo
Tintillo • Pueblo Viejo
Torrimar • Pueblo Viejo
Urb Caparra Hills • Pueblo Viejo
Villa Caparra Norte • Pueblo Viejo
Villa Caparra Sur • Pueblo Viejo

Rio Bayamon • Juan Sánchez


Remember to submit the following documents with your forms:

• Valid and photo ID.
• Recent bill for Water, Electricity or Cable TV service in your name.
• Government benefit letter and / or updated evidence.


LifeLine Internet


50 Mbps of Upload and Download in our 100% fiber optic network
Unlimited data transfer
$ 300.00 construction fee, which is waived, if the client signs a contract for 2 years

* (Original $ 50.00 charge to which the $ 9.25 discount applies)


652 Hipodromo Street
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

PO Box 11278, San Juan PR 00909-2378 

Optico Fiber Desk: 787-957-6000
Customer Service: 787-728-9790
Billing department: billing@criticalhub.com
Technical Support: support@criticalhub.com