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Optico Fiber is gigabit Internet connectivity, offering speeds 100 times faster than today's basic broadband! Enjoy up to 1 Gbps upload & download with no data transfer caps. Telephone service is available as an add-on option. We also offer a Basic Internet plan with up to 4 Mbps download & 1 Mbps upload speeds. The FREE plan is guaranteed for at least 4 years per household physical address once construction to your home has been completed.

One gigabit per second (Gbps) is equal to a 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps) connection. A gigabit is over 100 times faster than the Internet connection than most households in Puerto Rico currently have . With a Gigabit connection, downloads will be instantaneously. You no longer have to wait on movies buffering – it will be ready when you are! Whether you are video chatting, uploading family videos, or playing your favorite online games, all you need to do is click and you’re there.

Gigabit service makes everything you already do online up to 100x faster. No more waiting to buffer videos or upload photos.

Gigabit service will also revolutionize the web in new ways. Imagine chatting with your doctors or teachers via HD video conference, or collaborating on a work or school project with contributors across the globe in real time, without delays. A gigabit is the Internet experience of the future.

We're building our Optico Fiber network by demand -- we only bring service to fiberhoods (vecindarios) that meet sign-up goals.

To get service for your home, you need to sign up and choose a plan before the sign up period for your fiberhood ends. To see status of your fiberhood and to sign up, visit www.opticofiber.com, select Cities from the menu bar and choose your City, then find your home on our fiberhood map.

If your fiberhood qualifies, we'll begin construction in your fiberhood shortly after the sign-up period ends. This process will take some time. Once we're ready to connect you, we'll get in touch and schedule a time for an Optico Fiber team member to come to your house and install your equipment.

If your fiberhood is listed as constructing or constructed, your sign-up period has ended and you cannot sign up for Optico Fiber at this time.

Optico Fiber is only available for residential use in homes. For information on Internet access services for businesses, visit www.criticalhub.com/ or Business Form

Of course! You can reach our Customer Service team via email (support@criticalhub.com), or by calling 787-957-6000. They are happy to answer any questions you may have. The Customer Service team is available Monday-Friday from 8am to 7pm, and on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

A fiberhood is similar to a neighborhood. Fiberhoods are small area within a city usually composed of 1 or more neighborhoods. Fiberhoods are determined by local neighborhood definitions, and given their boundaries based on city roads, parks and other landmarks.

We only bring service to fiberhoods that are “qualified”. A qualified fiberhood has met the sign-up goals. To find out what fiberhood your home is located in, and how many more sign-ups are needed to get Optico Fiber, visit our website at www.opticofiber.com

Please verify that you have entered the correct street name, house number, city name and zip code. You should not need to enter your urbanization name.

If you still cannot find your home, you can submit a request to have your address reviewed by our team through the website. You can also contact Customer Service at 787-957-6000 or email support@criticalhub.com

A qualified fiberhood is a fiberhood which has met the sign-up goals. We will only bring service to those fiberhoods which have qualified.

If you have signed up for service and paid your initial $10 registration fee, we will email you with the status of your fiberhood once the sign-up period ends. You can also check your fiberhood's status at www.opticofiber.com

Not at all! Optico Fiber has no caps or limits to the amount of data you can send or receive.

Yes! Optico Fiber’s standard installation includes a Network Box with a 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port. However, for an additional fee, you can upgrade the Network Box to one that include WiFi, designed to give you access to Optico Fiber throughout your home. You can also install your own network hardware – its completely your choice.

Things to remember. Homes which are built with dividing walls in reinforced cement will cause the WiFi signal to degrade, and you may need to install repeaters around your home. During the installation of the Optico Network Box, our Optico Fiber Team member would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your particular needs in your home.

No. Wi-Fi is slower than wired connections. However, the WiFi technology in our Optico Fiber Network Box will provide for great connectivity.

In order to take advantage of gigabit speeds, you will need a computer, laptop or device that supports a gigabit connection. In other words, the device should have an ethernet network interface card that supports 1Gbps – often called a 1000BaseT Network Interface Card (NIC).

Most recently-produced computers and laptops already support gigabit speeds. If you are unsure if your computer or laptop does, please consult your computer documentation and look for the following terms: 1000baseTx or 1000Mbps or 1Gbps or GigE

Definitely! The Optico Fiber Network Box can adapt to computers that can only connect to 100Mb, or even 10Mbps!

Optico Fiber was built to support leading industry standards and should work with devices you have today. If you experience a problem, just let us know.

No. Traditional Cable TV is so 1960s. Today’s TV is Digital – available over-the-air for free or streamed online where you want it, when you want it.

Optico Fiber will help you cut your CableTV cord! With Gigabit service access, you can full advantage of existing online Cable TV alternatives. This includes content directly from networks like NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. It also includes IPTV providers such as Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, Amazon, Dishworld, and Apple iTune/AppleTV, which offer access to the same shows you normally see on Cable TV, streamed to you when you want to see them.

Still need your local news & information? Many local stations are streaming their content online. However,today’s high quality over-the-air Digital TV (DTV) is available free. Just install an HDTV antenna in your home. HDTV antennas are available in many models (indoors & outdoors) and from various distributors includes Radio Shack, Best Buy, Sears, among others. In Puerto Rico, there are 20+ HD-quality DTV over-the-air stations available. A basic HDTV antenna costs between $40-60 dollars.

If you're signed up and your fiberhood qualifies, we'll contact you in a few months when it's time to schedule your installation appointment.

Give us a call at 787-957-6000 and we can help you reschedule.

Our installers will go over all the details with you when they arrive to make sure you’re comfortable with exactly what is being installed and where. Please check out our videos section, which includes a video explaining the Optico Fiber installation process.

Here is a summary of the basic installation setup:

Before your installation day, we'll be working outside in your fiberhood, getting Optico Fiber ready to bring to homes. We'll be stringing Fiber on utility poles and in some cases installing it into the ground.

Next, we'll bring the Optico Fiber connection from the street to the side of your house. This will happen before your scheduled installation appointment. Before we go to the side of your house, we will knock on your door to let you know.

Once we have delivered the fiber to the side of your house, we'll contact you to schedule your installation.

On installation day, the first step will be to drill a small hole in your exterior wall to bring the fiber inside. We will cover the hole with a mounted wall plate and connect the fiber to your Network Box. The Network Box is your Optico Fiber router, enabling connectivity to devices throughout your house.

Before we start, our installer will work with you to determine the best location for your devices, and you’ll get to pick where it should go (within reason).

If you have requested other features installed, like WiFi Access Point and/or Telephone service, the final installation step will include installing devices.

Optico Fiber's service plans include a Network Box, which will provide at least two (2) Gigabit Ethernet wired ports for connectivity.

You can upgrade your Network Box to one which includes RJ11 phone jacks for and additional one-time fee of $20. You can also upgrade your Network Box to one which includes WiFi plus four (4) Gigabit Ethernet ports and two (2) RJ11 phone jacks for an additional one-time fee of $89.99.

The Basic Internet service will be free of a monthly service charge (excluding the construction fee) for at least four years after construction is done in your fiberhood. At the end of four years, we will begin charging the market price for comparable speeds.

Every Optico Fiber-installed property will receive 4 years of Basic Internet associated with that address, commencing on the date when installation was completed. You or a future owner or tenant can subscribe to the Basic Internet at any point for up to 4 years from the initial installation of service, subject to the terms and conditions. For example, let’s say you sign up for Optico Fiber service. One year later, you sell your home. The new owner of the home will have 3 years of Basic Internet remaining, subject to our terms and conditions. The buyer can also choose to upgrade from Basic Internet to Gigabit service or any other available plans.

Once your house is connected to Optico Fiber, you can switch to another plan at any time. If you are switching from Basic Internet to a paid Internet service, any remaining construction fee will be waived. If you prepaid your full construction fee, we'll issue a credit for the pro-rated construction fee for the remaining months of your contract.

Simply having a Optico Fiber connection may add value to your home and will put you on the cutting edge of broadband technology. You are responsible for paying your construction fee (see question regarding cancellation). Your new buyer may sign up to be a Optico Fiber customer.

The construction fee covers laying fiber to your home. Once we have built Optico Fiber to your home, the construction fee is non-refundable.

Optico Fiber owns the Network Box. If you cancel service and you rent your home, please check with your landlord about what to do with the Network; otherwise, please return the Network Box to us. You can bring it to our offices at 1314 Ponce de Leon, Santurce, or contact Customer Service at support@criticalhub.com to coordinate your method of returning the equipment.

See the Subscriber Agreement for more details. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call: 787-957-6000.

The terms vary depending on which Service Plan you select.

Basic Internet: Basic Internet: Once you signup for Basic Internet, you are responsible for paying construction fee. You can either do this in one lump sum or in installments over 6 months. Gigabit service: You have a 24-month commitment. If you cancel service or switch to Basic Internet before the 24 months are over, you will need to pay the prorated balance of your construction fee. For example, if your construction fee was $300, the prorated balance would be calculated as $12.50/month times the number of months remaining in in your 24-month term.

Gigabit service: You have a 24-month commitment. If you cancel service or switch to Basic Internet before the 24 months are over, you will need to pay the prorated balance of your $300 construction fee. The prorated balance is calculated at $12.50/month times the number of months remaining in in your 24-month term.

Gigabit + Phone: You will have a 24-month commitment. If you cancel service or switch to Basic Internet before 12 months are over, you need to pay the prorated balance of your construction fee. For example, if your construction fee was $300 then the prorated balance would be calculated as $12.50/month times the number of months remaining in in your 24-month term.

See the Subscriber Agreement for more details. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call: 787-957-6000.

You can cancel your service any time before we begin construction in your fiberhood, and your $10 registration fee will be refunded.

If you decide to cancel Optico Fiber after the sign-up period ends in your fiberhood, you’ll be responsible for the full Construction Fee minus your original $10 deposit.

If you had any Optico Fiber service for more than 24 months, you owe nothing. Contact Customer Service to coordinate the return of the Network Box in good working order within 20 days of cancellation.

If you paid the construction fee in full, you owe nothing. Contact Customer Service to coordinate the return of the Network Box in good working order within 20 days of cancellation.

If you had Optico Fiber for less than 24 months and you have not paid the construction fee in full, you owe the prorated amount of the construction fee for the months remaining in the first 24 months of service.

If you cannot return the Network Box in good working order within 20 days of cancellation, we will calculate a prorated amount based upon the value of the device which you will be responsible for.

See the Subscriber Agreement for more details. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call: 787-957-6000.

Our Terms of Service prohibit running a server for commercial purposes.

However, personal, non-commercial usage of servers that complies with our Acceptable Use Policy is acceptable, including using virtual private networks (VPN) to access services in your home, and using hardware or applications that include server capabilities for uses like multi-player gaming, video-conferencing, and home security.

Critical Hub will collect the personal and account information you provide when you sign up for Optico Fiber. You will have easy access to the personal details you provide, such as your street address, which can be seen once you login to your account at www.opticofiber.com. In addition to the information collected from users, Critical Hub will also collect technical information, such as Fiber device uptime, data transfer speeds, packet loss and other diagnostic information for Internet and Phone. This helps us provide you with the best possible service experience.

You can read more about the information Critical Hub may collect from users or from the use of Optico Fiber services in the Optico Fiber Privacy Notice and Optico Fiber Privacy Policy.

If you choose Optico Fiber as your service provider, information from your service usage – such as the URLs of websites visited or the content of emails sent - may be accessible to Critical Hub. However, this usage information won’t be associated with your Optico account or accessed by Critical Hub unless we have your consent to do so or if an applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request requires us to do so.

There is certain technical information that may be associated with your Optico account, which would be used to help manage or maintain your Fiber connection and keep it secure. This includes things like how often and how long the service is used or the amount of bandwidth used. As explained in the Optico Fiber Privacy Notice, we will get your consent before using information that is associated with your account.

Critical Hub will not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Critical Hub, except in the situations described in the Optico Privacy Policy. Critical Hub may share aggregated non-personally identifiable information with third parties outside of Critical Hub, such as content providers or connected sites. This information may be used to promote partner services and programs, or be used in other ways, such as for network, product or service improvements.

Upgrading your Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) to Critical Hub’s Optico Fiber service will make it more attractive and valuable for residents. As soon as Optico Fiber is installed at your property, residents will have access to free Internet at today’s basic broadband speeds. Residents can also upgrade to next-generation gigabit-speed Internet and crystal clear phone service. They will be able to stream online TV content that Netflix©*, Hulu©*, Apple©*, Roku©*, Crackle©*, DishWorld©* and many other content providers offer. Get started today and be one of the first MDUs in Puerto Rico to have Optico Fiber!

*Note: Netflix©, Hulu©, Apple©, Roku©, Crackle©, Dish World© may charge additional one-time and/or monthly fees for access to content. Visit the website of those providers for more detailed information.

If you own, manage or administer a Multi-Dwelling Unit(MDU) or condominium please fill out this form.

We define a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) as a property with more than 8 units that requires approval from a third party (owner/manager) to install Optico Fiber service. This is a property that contains multiple residences, such as an apartment building or condo complex. Multi-Dwelling Units are usually properties which are classified as a horizontal property.

  • What buildings qualify for Optico Fiber for apartments and condos?
  • We define a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) as a property with more than 8 units that requires approval from a third party (owner/manager) to install Optico Fiber service. This is a property that contains multiple residences, such as an apartment building or condo complex.

  • How to get it?
  • Ready to get Fiber for your MDU? Fill out this form and we'll contact you to get started.

  • I am renting a single family home. You mention I needed permission from my landlord to get Fiber. What should I do?
  • If you rent a single family home, it is your responsibility to get permission from your landlord. This could be a letter or verbal permission. Once you have that, go ahead & sign up for Optico Fiber.

  • My landlord already signed up my property for Optico Fiber. Do I need to do anything?
  • Yes! Even though a Fiber drop will be installed into your unit, you still have to choose your plan to activate your connection and become an Optico Fiber subscriber. This means selecting a plan (Basic Internet, Gigabit service, or Gigabit + Phone ) and agreeing to the terms and conditions and subscriber agreement of Optico service.

Thanks for your interest. We’d love to talk with you about Optico Fiber for your building. Please contact us and we can give you more details about the agreement that we would need in place to bring Optico Fiber to your building. You can download the Right of Entry and Installations agreement here. You can email optico@criticalhub.com for more information or call our Optico MDU Team at 787-957-6000

Critical Hub Network believes in bringing people and communities together using technology. The web becomes a better place as each of us joins together to learn, share, collaborate, and contribute. That’s why we are committed to bringing Optico Fiber to selected local community sites.

Community Connections may include public and non-profit organizations which are chosen by Critical Hub to receive gigabit Optico Fiber connectivity at no cost. For example, we may choose schools, libraries, community centers, and other public facilities.

Find out if your fiberhood has a local Community Connection by entering your address on our Cities page.

A community connection will include the following:

  • Gigabit service. All Community Connections will be equipped with a symmetric gigabit Internet connection (up to 1 Gbps upload and 1 Gbps download) over Optico Fiber’s network.
  • Dedicated Support. We have dedicated phone support available, along with email and chat support. For any issues with Community Connections, we will provide a next business day on-site response, as necessary. We know the community is relying on your Internet connection, and we're here to support you.
  • Static IP Addresses. Community Connections also receive 1 static public IPv4 address.
  • Service Demarcation. As a Community Connection site, you will get one Network Box for your service demarcation
  • Commercially Reasonable Construction. Critical Hub will cover the cost of commercially reasonable construction and installation expenses. Two factors are considered to determine if construction is commercially reasonable:
  • o The location of the site relative to the Optico Fiber network

    o The work that must be done on-site to route Optico Fiber to the site's preferred demarcation

    If construction is required beyond what Critical Hub deems commercially reasonable, construction will be completed at the site's expense.

  • Critical Hub will focus on non-profit organizations which are offering services to the public. Community colleges, K12 schools, libraries, health care facilities, government facilities, social service providers, and public recreation centers are among some of those sites which could be considered a Community Connection site.
  • Critical Hub will consider feedback we receive from the community – including the municipality, urbanization, and residents themselves.
  • Potential Community Connection sites should demonstrate the following to us:
  • o Explain how the site will use Gigabit service access to benefit the community it serves.

    o Explain what new and exciting uses will be given to the Gigabit service at the site

    o Explain how the Optico Fiber connection will also help the expansion and adoption of broadband by residents in the area.

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